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Your support will assist us to provide programs that support children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder or Developmental Disability to reach their potential.

Early Intervention is crucial in ensuring children meet their developmental potential. However, the costs associated with high quality Early Intervention can be difficult for families.

Supporting the Fit Kidz Foundation will ensure local families are able to access vital, quality, Early Intervention services for their child.


Pym Family
My son Jude was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at 3 and a half years old. While receiving the diagnosis was a relief, being a single mother with a toddler and an infant I was overwhelmed and frightened for Jude and our family. I was unsure what this meant for Jude and what impact this may have on his development and our family. I knew that he would need many hours of Early Intervention but was unsure where to turn and what support and intervention would be right for Jude.

A friend suggested I speak to the Fit Kidz Foundation and I knew from the first phone call that this would be the right place for Jude to start his early intervention journey. They have supported us to access group and therapy services and these have been such an important part of helping Jude to reach his goals and also in working alongside me to support Jude too. The Foundation has provided a nurturing, stimulating, and safe place Jude and our family.

As it turns out, this was not only the right fit for Jude, but for the whole family as two years later, my second son Jimi was also diagnosed with Autism. Knowing I could turn to the Foundation following Jimi’s diagnosis was such a relief. I knew we would be once again supported to provide Jimi with the quality Early Intervention he needs in order to reach his full potential. They have helped me feel less alone and watching my children thrive there brings me so much joy and hope.

Andy Bear

Who are the Friends of Andy-Bear?

Friends of Andy-Bear are special friends of the Fit Kidz Foundation. They are people who have made contributions towards events, programs and resources, most importantly they are people that we would like to formally recognise.

Why should I be involved?

The Fit Kidz Foundation relies heavily on donations and support from our local community. Without these monetary donations the Foundation would not be able to offer the individualised and specialised care it provides to the families of children with additional needs. Every donation we receive is put straight back into supporting the children within the centre by providing a specialised multidisciplinary team of therapists and educators and providing the important early intervention resources which benefit each and every child.


If you are interested in supporting the Fit Kidz Foundation get in touch with us:

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Call: (02) 9627 0721
Post: 831 Old Northern Rd., Dural NSW 2158

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Your contribution will assist us to provide a program that supports children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder or Developmental Disability to reach their potential.