Our Services


All of our services are based on the Fit Kidz Foundation Comprehensive Approach to Early Intervention. Our services are family-centered, individualised and based on evidence-informed, collaborative, and inclusive approaches.


Individualised Programs

The Fit Kidz Foundation offers different Individualised Programs including:

  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Educational Outreach to Childcare and School
  • Behaviour Support

All of our Individualised programs are delivered in a naturalistic setting of choice to ensure goals are embedded into everyday routines to facilitate participation and inclusion into the community. Our team work in collaboration with families and other services to support the child’s goals.


Group Programs

At the Fit Kidz Foundation we offer a range of different Group Based Programs which are targeted to meet the individual needs of each child and their family. Some of our Group Programs include:

  • Mini Group Programs: The 2-hour weekly Mini Group Program is for children under 3 years who are showing early development concerns.
  • 1-Day & 2-Day Early Intervention Group Programs: The 1-Day and 2-Day Early Intervention Group Programs are delivered by our Transdisciplinary team of Therapists and Special Educators. The programs can be accessed by any child aged 3-5 years who has a diagnosis of Autism or other Developmental Disability prior to starting school.
  • Transition to School Programs: Our Transition to School Intensive Programs are offered to Children in the year prior to formal school with a diagnosis of Autism or Developmental Disability.
  • School Age Group Programs:We run a range of different School Age Group Programs, including our After School Group Program and our School Holiday Group Programs – contact us to find out more.
  • Other Specialised Group Programs : We run other targeted Group Programs across each calendar year. Please contact us for more information on the different specialised programs currently being offered.

Other Services
& Programs

other Programs
  • Workshops & Professional Development: We offer a calendar of workshops for local families and professionals dependent on the need.
  • Screening Programs: Developmental & Speech Screening is provided for local children prior to school identified as having concerns across developmental areas, including speech or language concerns.
  • Preschool Capacity Building Program: We work alongside local Preschools and Long Day Care Settings to provide our unique Capacity Building Program.