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Who we are
The Fit Kidz Foundation is a not-for-profit Early Intervention Service which supports children with Autism or other Developmental Disabilities, their families and the local community. The Fit Kidz Foundation offers a range of Early Intervention services that meet the needs of the local community.

The Fit Kidz Foundation was founded in 2009 by Mick and Melissa Scaife and opened in September 2014. The Fit Kidz Foundation is funded by the Fit Kidz group of Early Learning Centres, sponsorship, fundraising events, donations and government funding.

2020 Annual Report
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Every child’s development is nurtured by the community to ensure they reach their potential.


To support Children’s development and independence to ensure they reach their full potential and meaningfully participate in the wider community.
To work in partnership with families to understand their child’s individual strengths and needs and to improve their confidence in supporting their child’s development.
To develop a community of families who can connect and support each other through their Early Intervention Journey.
To help the wider community understand, support and include children with Autism Spectrum Disorders or other developmental Disabilities to ensure active and meaningful participation in society.

the founders

Mick & Melissa
The Fit Kidz Foundation Co-Founder Melissa Scaife had worked in the early childhood industry for many years and as a passionate educator, her goal has always been to support every child to reach their full potential. It was also her belief that for any child to thrive, the family unit needed to feel supported. Collaboration with parents and caregivers proves to offer children the best opportunities for success.

When Melissa and her husband Michael opened their first early childhood service in 2004, they identified a need to support families and children with additional needs further than the current practice in their mainstream settings and had a passion for helping all families navigate their way through the journey of diagnosis, early intervention and daily routines. Melissa and Michael have witnessed the incredible benefits of Early Intervention and it was a long-term dream to be able to offer a service that provides therapies, group activities and education. This is now a reality with the establishment of the Fit Kidz Foundation.

When the Fit Kidz Foundation opened in 2015, it was supporting just 15 families and today supports over 100. The ongoing engagement from our community allows for the Fit Kidz Foundation’s continued growth as the need continues to increase. The service provides a team approach to each child in all areas of Early Intervention, from group therapy to individualized specialty therapy sessions with all professionals working in collaboration for the best outcomes.

“The reality of the Fit Kidz Foundation far exceeds the dream service I have been planning for many years, with thanks to exceptional leadership and outstanding therapists, teachers and support workers. The community and family involvement ensure our goal of supporting children to reach their potential will be met. We are creating opportunities and nurturing skills for our children to live meaningful lives”

Melissa Scaife – Co-Founder