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Your contribution will assist us to provide a program that supports children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder or Developmental Disability to reach their potential.

The Foundation program will directly benefit children, their families and the community. Early Intervention is crucial for child with a disability or delay and so often the costs of early intervention can be difficult for families. Supporting the Foundation Program will broaden our reach, and assist families to access this vital early intervention for their children in need.


All of our Sponsorship Packages will assist the Foundation to resource the Foundation Group Program. As resources for children with additional needs are expensive, we rely on additional support to purchase the necessary supports to include the children and meet their individual needs. Our Sponsorship packages will also assist in offering families a reduced fee which will enable the Foundation to broaden the reach as much as possibly to families in the community. Furthermore, the Sponsorship Packages will also enable to the Foundation Centre to fund Information Sessions for families and the community.

Please download our Corporate Sponsorship pack given below and fill out the sponsor details form.

Corporate Sponsorship Pack

Please return the completed form to us via:

Email: (Subject line FKF Sponsorship)
Post: 831 Old Northern Rd., Dural NSW 2158

Andy Bear

Andy Bear
Who are the Friends of Andy-Bear?

Friends of Andy-Bear are special friends of the Fit Kidz Foundation. They are people who have made contributions towards events, programs and resources, most importantly they are people that we would like to formally recognise.

Why should I be involved?

The Fit Kidz Foundation relies heavily on donations and support from our local community. Without these monetary donations the Foundation would not be able to offer the individualised and specialised care it provides to the families of children with additional needs. Every donation we receive is put straight back into supporting the children within the centre by providing a specialised multidisciplinary team of therapists and educators and providing the important early intervention resources which benefit each and every child.

What do I need to do to be a Friend of Andy- Bear?

To become a friend of Andy-Bear simply download our Become a Friend Form given below and fill out the details. Your donation will be recognised within the Foundation centre and your family will receive their very own, personalised, Andy-Bear.

Become a Friend Form

Please return the completed form to us via:

Email: (Subject line FKF Andy-Bear Supporter)
Post: 831 Old Northern Rd., Dural NSW 2158

Make a

Your support can make a world of difference for children, adolescents and adults with autism and their families.

Donation Form

Please return the completed form to us via:

Email: (Subject line FKF Donation)
Post: 831 Old Northern Rd., Dural NSW 2158

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