About us

The Fit Kidz Foundation is an Early Intervention and Learning Centre based in Dural

The Fit Kidz Foundation is a not-for profit organisation which was established to support children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder or other Developmental Disability, their families and the community. The Foundation Centre offers a range of early intervention programs to meet the needs of the community.

The Foundation Centre was founded in 2009 by Mick and Melissa Scaife and opened in September 2014. The Foundation is funded by the Fit Kidz group of Early Learning Centres, sponsorship, fundraising events, donations, government funding and parent fees.


To provide an Early Childhood Intervention and Learning Centre dedicated to supporting children who have been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder or other Developmental Disability, their Families and the Community.

the founders

Mick & Melissa
The Fit Kidz Foundation is quite obviously linked to the Fit Kidz Learning Centre group of Early Childhood Centres, which provides the Foundation with the Centre premises at Dural, and an operating budget. Each Fit Kidz Centre also conducts fund-raising activities for which staff donate their time and considerable energy, and which are always very generously supported by client families with all funds donated to the Foundation.

Fit Kidz was founded by Mick & Melissa Scaife, and opened its first Early Learning Centre at Glenwood in 2004. There are now seven Centres in Sydney, and it is still run as a small family business, albeit with a growing family!

The Foundation was born from many years of experience with the sheer number of children who are diagnosed with ASD, as well as the huge benefits of focussed early intervention.

With the resources and talent available to Fit Kidz and its community, a huge and genuine contribution can be made in this much-needed area.

The Scaifes have three boys and live at Glenorie in the Hills district.

A note
from the
Pym Family

Pym Family
Having a child with special/additional needs, can be a journey of the unknown. Our daughter Eva was born in 2010 with a rare chromosome deletion and is the only documented person in the world with her particular 6q deletion.

Along with varying other health issues she requires many hours of early intervention to give her the best quality of life possible. This can come at a very high cost and as her full time carer I am unable to work and support her needs at the same time.

Once you have initially dealt with the diagnosis and accepted your “new” life it can be very challenging finding the right resource and intervention to support your child but once you have found that, you need to figure out how you can afford it. As Eva did not fit the box for any government funding it was a major financial struggle that gave us a lot of guilt if we were doing enough for her, as early intervention is so vital from a very young age. Without the therapies and places like the Fit Kidz Foundation that supports our daughter she wouldn’t have the quality of like that she does today. We feel very lucky and blessed to be part of Fit Kidz and seeing Eva so happy there is truly heart-warming. We can’t thank them enough for the support they have given us.